Once we have decided we will enjoy Mallorca on the 2 wheels, the first question is coming to our mind ¿Which area should we choose?

First of all we should know that almost every place on the island allows you to enjoy cycling. This is due to 3 main reasons: 

1- Terrain: Either if you prefer flat routes or climbing mountains, Mallorca offers a wide range of possibilities. 

2- Roads: There are a big amount of secondary and well-paved roads perfects for cycling without cars. 

3- Weather: We have around 300 sunny days and just 50 rainy days during the year.

Once we know this, depending the type of cyclist and the experience you want to have, it is recommendable to stay in different areas: 

Climbing: If you are looking for an intense elevation gain training, the best option would be staying at or next to the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. Serra de Tramuntana is the mountain range that crosses the north west of the island and there we can find the hardest mountains. Villages like Soller, Valldemossa, Orient or Deia have a unique beauty and are perfect for those who want calm and relax enjoying both sea and mountains at the same time. 

Flat roads: Almost every area in Mallorca it´s a good choice it you are looking for flat terrains. Maybe around the center of the island is where we can find the largest amount of flat roads.

Beach-City-Cycling combination: Palma-Can Pastilla area allows you to enjoy cycling while having a wide offer of leisure activities and restaurants. At hotel Cosmopolitan, you can enjoy the commodities of a 4* stars hotel while renting our bikes from the hotel shop. 

Triathlon / Profesional training: Around Acudía and Playa de Muro you can find many hotels with all kind of services for training and a good point close to the mountains. Also Can Pastilla can be a good option. 

All terrains plus local experience: If you are looking for relax during your cycling holidays away from the crowd, our recommendation is staying at some of the villages close to the Serra de Tramontana mountains. Places like Alaro, Lloseta, Santa Maria del Camino… are perfect for enjoying multiple routes, either by mountains or flat terrains. Also you will enjoy local gastronomy, relax and traditional customs like local markets. 

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