Fantic Seven Days Vintage Fat-Bike

  There are 5 bikes available

Would you like to move around in an urban setting with a conscious vehicle? Traffic or parking is not a problem anymore. Just ride a Seven Days to go everywhere you want to with ease and a smile on your face. From light dirt roads to city roads, with potholes, train tracks, cable stones, you can venture inside an outside the city for amazing adventures. The big tires and the 200mm disk breaks will give you such a feeling of comfort and stability that will feel like riding a SUV on 2 wheels. The SEVEN DAYS is Fantic solution for the city bike category, keeping safety as the priority, seven days per week. It comes with fenders and a rear rack. The SEVEN DAYS is also available with the bigger battery, LONG RUN, with 630Wh. With this bigger battery we have recorded up to 115 miles of range with one charge. It takes 3.5 hours to fully recharge the battery and 2.5 hour to get it up to 80% charge from zero.